Arganrain How To Clean Hair Brushes


Brushes, like any other beauty tool, becomes dirty after a while washing your a shampoo. If your brush is getting a mountain of the hair, This signs to be cleaned well otherwise your hair may damage seriously. Brushes and combs usually must be cleaned with a mild cleanser and a toothbrush. If it’s been a shile haven't cleaned your brush or comb in a long time you should disinfect the brush or comb in vinegar or using some alcohol. When you're done, you'll be left with neat and clean brushes and combs.


Use your fingers to remove hair from the brush. Get as possible as much hair out of the brush or comb first by simply pulling it out with your fingers. Hair itself comes out fairly easily. If you realize any hair that's stuck on, use a toothpick to ease it and after than remove it with your fingers.

Mix a cleaner with warm water. You do not need to use strong chemical cleaners on your hair or brush. A simple cleaner, such as dish soap or shampoo, will do the same job.Add a small dab of your cleaner to a small bowl of warm water. There are no precise amounts that are recommended, but you usually do not need an excessive amount of cleaner to clean a brush or comb.

hair brush cleaning


First of all, put your brush in the cleaner 10 or 15 minutes to help release any stuck on material. after that, take an another clean toothbrush moist with the cleaner and gently daub down the brush or comb between the bristles. You should also swab down the sides of the brush, as these make contact with your hair and build up residue over time.

If You Don’t Want To Clean Hair Mess On The Brush Use ARGANRain Hair Treatment Shampoo

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Cleaning hair on the brush means you are losing extremely hair. It is in your hand to stop this applying Arganrain shampoo product. This professional hair care shampoo has a vitamine E which helps to thick your hair and stops it falling down. With Moroccan Argan oil ingredient you hair will become healthier,shinner and stronger against hair fall.

Apply ARGANRain shampoo product regularly on your hair getting rid of hair problem, you won’t have to clean the brush every single day.

Better hair care

No need extra cleaning for the brush

Powerful ingredients to keep your hair healty and shinny.

ARGANRain Hair Shampoo Saves Your Hair From The Brush!

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كيف ينبغي أن تكون صحة الشعر الفعال Hair

شعرك يتحول إلى كابوس!

نحن نعلم أن شعرك قلق على صحتك. تعتقد أن لديك شعرًا مهملًا وغير صحي. في الواقع ، أنت على حق لأن شعرك يلبس كل يوم لأنك

تستخدم الطرق والمنتجات الخاطئة. إذا كان شعرك ضعيفًا ، فسوف يفقد حيويته إلى حد كبير. مع طرق دقيقة وفعالة يمكنك تنشيط شعرك وحتى الحصول على نظرة أفضل.

إذا فقد النساء والرجال أكثر من متوسط الشعر في اليوم ، فمن الضروري توفير الرعاية اللازمة لشعرهم.

طريقة خاطئة

شامبو كيميائي

منتجات تقليد

رخيصة وغير المطابقة للمواصفات الشامبو

سيكون عليك إما إظهار بعض الإخلاص لشعرك أو ستستمر في تجربة تساقط الشعر بمنتجات رخيصة. شعرك مهم كل امرأة ورجل لديه شعور خطير من مشكلة الشعر. كيف يجب أن تكون الصيانة صحيحة؟ وهو أفضل شامبو لشعرك.

الشعر الضعيف والجاف هو شعر الشعر غير الصحي والشعر...

بسبب الطقس الجاف في معظم الدول العربية ، يتأثر الشعر على الفور ويبدأ الشعر في الجفاف. بصيلات الشعر جافة ، فقدان الشعر القابضة ، يبدأ الشعر بالتساقط ولا يخرج الشعر.

أخشى أن شعرك قد انتهى الآن

زيت الجزر والعناية بالشعر

نلقي نظرة على شعرك بشكل طبيعي! طريقة سهلة وفعالة

لا داعي للذعر. يمكنك حماية شعرك وبشرتك ضد أشعة الشمس بمساعدة زيت أركان. لكننا نتحدث عن شعرك هنا. ثم ابدأ شعرك مع زيت Arganrain كأفضل المواد الحافظة

أنت تغذي شعرك بعمق مع جسدك وتقوم بإحيائه. Arganrain

مع التدليك الناعم الذي تطبقه على شعرك ، يتصرف  Arganrain  بسرعة في أسفل شعرك ويساعد على تنشيط شعرك.

نقع أصابعك في القليل من الزيت وتدلك شعرك برفق ثم شعرك المعجزة!...

قم بالتدليك دون استخدام أظافرك وكن حذرا

استخدم الزيت بانتظام ARGANRain

شامبو غسل الشعر الصحيح

العناية بالزيت والشعر arganrain

شامبو العناية ضروري لشعرك. حتى الابتعاد عن الشامبو الشعر الكيميائية في السوق. ARGANRain المغربي محلول شامبو الأنظف

صيغة قوية

محتوى على براءة اختراع

زيت أرغان العضوي

مثالي للشعر الجاف البالي

صنعت خصيصا للرجال والنساء

شعر نظيف وناعم ونمو شعر سريع

ARGANRain هو نقرة واحدة


تسليم سريع جدا لجميع الدول العربية!

شراء arganrain الآن

Argan Shampoo and Its Wonderful Hair Benefits


Argan Oil provides you with a very soft hair, manageable and with a spectacular shine.

because Argan oil has a high nutritional value in important compounds for hair.

For example, Arganrain oil(another Arganrain product) is rich in Omega 3 and vitamin E, two nutrients that help your hair to recover strength and great resistance. It also contains vitamin C, a substance that has antioxidant, regenerative and cleansing effects.


ARGANRain Shampoo Product having Moroccan cold pressed Argan oil are characterized by their content of healthy fatty acids, which affect your hair in a positive way. These acids are known for their ability to smooth from the root to the tips.

Arganrain shampoo also has the ability to regenerate and nourish dry and devitalized your hair because of many external agents such as the sun, pool or sea water.

Arganrain shmapoo is more than a product that when you start using it you can notice the changes immediately.

arganrain shampoo

This Shampoo will go from being a dull hair to a vigorous, bright and resplendent one, since it nourishes the follicles without actually producing that unpleasant excess of fat every time we bathe.

The ARGANRain shampoo made with argan oil is a product that can help you recover that vitality and shine in your hair.

Also The Arganrain shampoo that does not contain sodium sulfate and is made with natural ingredients can promote your hair healthy compared to those products that are made with pure chemical ingredients.

This is because the usual shampoos leave chemical residues in your hair to produce dryness and dandruff.


arganrain products

Arganrain shampoo nourishes you hair in an incredible way, this is because it has antioxidant and protective properties. It is a product that can be used by men and women hair loss treatment it does not contain parabens.

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4 Things You Should Not Be Doing To Your Hair


Attention, your hair will break!

You've probably thought that you can not do that much wrong with your hair. But you were wrong! I'm sure you've made exactly these mistakes before:

  1. You like to leave your hair cure a bit longer in your hair? Sometimes over night? You should never do that, because it can damage your hair structure. If you want to have a cure in your hair overnight, then you should resort to an oil cure. Click here to learn how to treat damaged hair with the oil. This method is life saver!
  2. After you have massaged the shampoo well(in this case we recommend you shampoo with Arganrain effective hair care product which has Moroccan organic argan oil-, do you wash your hair out quickly? Make sure you spend a little more time and make sure that there are no residues left in your hair.arganrain shampoo
  3. Make sure you comb your hair before you start washing it. Because if you do not do that, then later you have to untangle them with a brush for hours and that will hurt your hair-Arganrain shampoo for hair loss and hair regrowth is very effective formula to the hair healthy and smooth-. That's why they just comb through before showering. That also saves a lot of time!
  4. You may remember that the hairdresser missed you a head massage, right? You should do this once a week, because this will stimulate your blood circulation.

Attention Your Hair Won’t Break If You Start Using ARGANRain Hair Care Shampoo!    

arganrain products

You hair is yours and we know much you care about it. But the important thing is, which shampoo could ever provide a real hair care ? There are so many regular shampoos on the market and they clean up hair but on the other do you know what igredients in the shampoo contain? Paraben,silicone,sulfate,sodium and alcohol.are they really safe on the hair? We don’t think so!  You are looking for a natural shampoo because you are trouble with hair loss and it makes you so worried. We are presenting you Arganrain herbal shampoo based on Morroccan argan oil. This shampoo is extremely designed for men and women. Arganrain enhances hair’s structure from the base and stops hair loss both in men and women. The shampoo is silicone,paraben and alcohol free. Arganrain shampoo for hair treatment will regrow hair after using regularly and it will be our daily routine shampoo!

So try ARGANRain and see the differences!

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Why Argan Oil Is So Good For Your Hair?

Why Argan Oil Is So Good For Your Hair?

The argan oil is good for our hair, we keep hearing. But how does argan oil actually work? How to use argan oil then exactly? We  would like to answer these and other questions together with you on, because besides the promotion of hair health argan oil is said to have many more positive effects on our health.

Does Arganrain Oil Help Against Hair Loss?

The Arganrain oil has often achieved in a short time visible success in hair problems and severe hair loss. This wonderful oil from Morocco supports our skin in diseases during regeneration and is therefore used specifically against hair loss. Those who regularly use Arganrain oil product for hair loss stimulate hair growth in a natural, herbal way. Which ingredients of argan oil provide for faster hair growth and how the argan oil is applied, we will explain in the post. The ingredients  in the Arganrain organic oil strengthen the hair roots, rid of dandruff and can also delay the graying of the hair. The oil has a revitalizing effect on our skin and supports it in case of overuse. Argan oil is used for hair loss with pleasant regular massages. So an Arganrain oil intensive cure, you can do wonderfully at home, therefore, according to this brief guide:

arganrain oil for hair loss

Get The Arganrain Organic Oil: Under this link, so it's with you in a few days. 
Lightly warm Arganrain oil and massage in: Take about 3 teaspoons of Arganrain oil, warm it gently and massage it gently into the scalp. If you do not really like the smell, you can mix the argan oil with a few drops of lemon juice before you warm it up, for example.
Cover the scalp: use a towel and leave the scalp covered for a good fifteen minutes.
Subsequent shower: Wash your hair / scalp with the Arganrain argan oil shampoo for hair treatment  The shampoo you get here.

Arganrain Argan Oil Shampoo For Hair Loss Treatment

arganrain products for hair loss

For the hair you need to use, especially after getting Arganrain oil this Arganrain herbal shampoo with argan oil. - It is also important when choosing the shampoo that it does not contain any silicones Arganrain shampoo is chemical free and hair frendly shampoo-. Because silicones strain the hair and make it brittle. The argan oil is supplemented by the vitamin E, which is also important for healthy hair and against early graying of the hair. For the application of the Arganrain argan oil shampoo for the hair, we recommend you to let the shampoo after massaging into your wet hair for about 2-3 minutes. After the Arganrain argan oil shampoo has sufficient exposure time, you can wash it out of your hair thoroughly.

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