The composition of ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products has been developed using highly active extracts which are effective, modern and therapeutic. Genuinely luxurious products which revitalize and bring the hair and skin back into harmony. 


What Is Arganrain Hair Care Product?

 Arganrain Hair Care Product is 100% safe without side-effects and ArganRain Pure Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment is certified Organic Cold Pressed 100% Pure Argan Oil that is perfect for all skin and hair types. These products are made with the highest quality available on the market. 

If you are looking for a natural and harmless product to nourish your hair and scalp, I would suggest you use ArganRain Hair Care Product. You can also use it along with Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Treatment, in order to reinforce the effect.  


What Are The Characteristics Of ArganRain?

 100% Organic: Composition Without Sulfate, Silicone, Alcohol, Salt And Dye

 Special Formulation With %100 Organic Argan Oil

 Prevent Oily Hair

 Make Hair Longer And Healthier - FASTER HAIR GROWTH

 All Dermatologic, Allergen And Microbiologic Tests Were Done By QACS*

 Suitable For Daily Usage

 Suitable For All Hair Types

 ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


 How ArganRain Is Effective For Hair?

 In general, shampoos contain Sulfate, Silicone, Alcohol, Salt, and Dye. ArganRain does not contain these ingredients for several reasons:  

Sulfate makes shampoo foaming. It is a carcinogen ingredient, it makes skin dry out. We do not add Sulfate, we have herbal foaming ingredient.

Silicone lubricates the hair and it is harmful to hair. ArganRain does not contain silicone.

Salt makes hair dry and damages the skin. ArganRain Composition does not contain salt.

  ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


What Are the Benefits Of Argan Oil?

 Prevent hair loss thank to its fast absorption by the hair.
Nourishes the scalp and hair.
Removes dandruff problem.
For people who are totally bald (no hair follicle), Argan Oil has not to feature to regrowth hair. If there is no hair follicle, hair cannot regrowth.
It is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product
Argan Oil protects from the sun's ultraviolet rays.
Argan Oil protects from the cold. Rapidly absorbed by the skin, it prevents the formation of skin cracks.
It avoids stretch marks. Prevents fine lines after making rapid weight loss.
Argan Oil has positive effects on treating eczema. It is effective against skin diseases.
It is effective on scars and burns.
Suitable for both oily and dry skin types.
It is good for acne and also it is effective in treating acne scars. 

ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


How Does It Renew Skin Cells?

 It contains 72% Vitamin E. The most important feature is the renovation, antioxidants, anti-cancer, prevent the formation of foam cells (aging and wrinkles)

 There are Linoleic Acids (Omega 3 - Omega 9) in Argan Oil. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. So this makes Argan Oil effective for cell renewal.

  ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


How Can You Get The Arganrain Product?

  If you are interested to have ArganRain Products online, here our website to place your order:

We accept Credit / Debit Card, Iyzico or Bank Transfer and Western Union. ( Please contact us to get the western union or bank transfer info.)


How Long And Where Do We Ship?

 We ship our products worldwide, with DHL Express Delivery Services. You will receive your parcel in maximum 3-5 business days.

 After ordering, we will give you a tracking number, you will be able to follow your parcel on this link:

  ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


Is It Safe?

 ArganRain Products are 100% safe and natural. They do not present any side effect. They have been tested, controlled and approved by *QACS Laboratory (Quality Assurance & Control Services), a well-known European Laboratory specialized for cosmetics controls. You can find our certificates on this link:

Moreover, ArganRain has a material safety data sheet (MSDS), which proves there is not any danger for health or for the environment. ArganRain is safe both your health and for non-dangerous for the environment.

 ArganRain product has 100 % organic ingredients, there are not any side effects. You can use it in complete safety.  You can look at our previous customers’ feedback:

 on our official Website:


Our customers made videos on YouTube:

 ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


 How To Use? 

  ArganRain Hair Care Product is more than a shampoo though it is used like a shampoo, every 2-3 days. Each bottle lasts approximately 1 month. You can use Argan Oil for your hair, skin, nail, eyebrows , and eyelashes.

 To use ArganRain Shampoo we advise you these instructions:

 Apply enough amount to wet hair and massage gently throughout scalp and hair approximately 1-2 minutes.
Then rinse thoroughly with water.
Be sure to never use another product at the same time, it could break the effect...

ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


  To use ArganRain Argan Oil on your hair, we advise you these instructions:

 Apply a generous amount of oil starting at the ends

Then wrap in a warm towel and leave for 30 minutes or leave it overnight.
Wash and style as usual. For dry scalp and dandruff, massage into the roots too.


To use ArganRain Argan Oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows, we advise you these instructions:
 Pour 4-5 drops on a mascara brush or a cotton swab
Apply to the eyelashes and eyebrows
Use 3-4 times a week on a regular basis

 ArganRain Professional Hair Care Products


To use ArganRain Argan Oil on your body, we advise you these instructions:
 Apply the oil to your body after bathing or showering through a gentle massage.
Mix with body lotion in the palm of your hand or apply pure. This will nourish and moisturize your skin and improve its firmness and elasticity, making it velvety.



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ARGANRain sulfate-and without paraben hair care shampoo

What are sulfates?

A large portion of us will have shower gels, cleansers, shampoos and cleaning items in our washroom and kitchen pantries that contain manufactured cleansers. Any semblance of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), ammonium lareth sulfate and myreth sulfate. These are engineered, modest cleansers that are exceptionally powerful at expelling soil and furthermore help give that sudsy foam we've generally expected when we wash our hair.

Sometimes, they can dry out hair, disturb delicate skin and exacerbate dermatitis, so a few brands utilize gentler options.

Normally, without sulfate items probably won't foam as much as others containing manufactured frothing specialists, so those with better bolts may discover they have to give hair two washes.

What are parabens?

Parabens are additives utilized in beautifying agents to give them a more extended time span of usability and you'll see them in many items in your make-up pack – without them your most loved establishments, powders and eye-shadows would develop shape and microscopic organisms. There have been thinks about connecting parabens to bosom malignant growth, however presently parabens are not ended up being destructive and are viewed as protected at low dimensions.

Because of interest from clients, a developing number of brands are delivering shampoos and conditioners free from sulfates and parabens. For the vast majority of the brands here, that is the situation over the whole range, while some offer free-from lines inside a greater gathering.

ARGANRain Professional Hair Care Product

Pure argan oil is known for its reviving activity of the hair, particularly at its root (radical activity). Argan oil delays the life of the hair and advances development both in men than ladies, since it invigorates the generation of keratin ,a fundamental constituent of hair. Our tasty ARGANRain products are detailed expertly utilizing natural argan oil and plant based fixings to influence your hair to develop quicker, stop male pattern baldness and loaded with life. ArganRain can be a quick method to help quit diminishing hair, can help stop hairlessness, and help advance hair development. Making a sound situation on the scalp is vital to having thick, full hair development.


 paraben-free hair care shampoo

STOP HAIR LOSS • SPECIAL FORMULATION • Sulfate, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free formulation

STOP HAIR LOSS • SPECIAL FORMULATION • Sulfate, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free formulation

Male Pattern Baldness

What is male sample hair loss?

Male pattern hair loss (also called androgenetic alopecia) affects all men to a few degrees as they grow older. modern thinning of the hair on the head ultimately ends in baldness. The hair loss typically begins at the temples, with the hairline step by step receding. finally, hair on the crown (returned) of the top also begins to get thinner.

What causes male pattern hair loss?

Testosterone is the maximum crucial androgen (male sex hormone) in men and is needed for the ordinary reproductive and sexual characteristic. Testosterone is crucial for the physical changes that appear at some point of male puberty, such as the development of the penis and testes, and for the functions normal of person guys consisting of facial and frame hair. within the body, testosterone is converted to DHT via an enzyme (5-alpha reductase). DHT acts on different organs in the frame such as the hair follicles and cells in the prostate.

In a few families, there are genes surpassed on thru the family that make men more likely to have androgenetic alopecia. In men with those genes, the hair follicles are extra touchy to DHT. This results in hair follicle miniaturization (wherein the hairs developing from the follicles grow to be thinner and shorter with each cycle of the boom) at a more youthful age.

The banding system is gradual and the best hair on the scalp is affected.

How commonplace is male sample hair loss?
maximum Australian men turn into aware of hair loss as they grow older. huge balding influences approximately one in five guys (20%) of their 20s, approximately one in three men (30%) in their 30s and nearly half of guys (forty%) of their 40s.

ARGANRain Products:

Arganrain Shampoo is a topical remedy carried out to the scalp. Arganrain slows hair loss for some men and stimulates the hair follicles to grow new hair. Arganrain takes 4 months to provide seen effects.


ARGANRain to address for hair loss treatment