Causes Of Hair Loss

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Nowadays the most common aesthetic problem is hair loss problem for both men and women. To have healthy hair is the most important priority for women and men about their appearance . Therefore, loss of hair can create a significant problem for many people. 

Hair loss in women and men is seen  almost equal proportions.

Genetic factors in men and women, change of seasons, hormones, stress factors, nutrition and diet, history of prior surgery and drug therapy reasons can induce hair loss. Especially in women, seasonal changes, post-pregnancy breast-feeding period, as a result of strict diets heavy calorie and protein loss, anemia (iron deficiency), zinc deficiency, biotin (vitamin H) deficiency emerges as the causes of hair loss.

Stress factors in both sexes, no matter how old, show itself as hair loss in excess of 100 hairs in a day, 3-4 months later from start of the stressful period.

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