Especially in winter it's a problem that we all know: electric hair. How come? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

In fact, these questions have been googling nowdays. Cap down, it crackles and your hair is flying. Due to friction but also by dry heating air and lack of moisture in the hair, the hair is charged electrically.

Overall, 30 percent of women suffer from dry hair. Not only genetically conditioned, because the hair is supplied with few lipids, but also by external factors, such as exhausting styling and frequent dyeing. This means stress for the hair, roughs up the structure and makes it uneven and dull. Plus: The mane reacts more strongly to weather or temperature fluctuations. The result: The hair is charged statically.

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Top Ways To Get Rid Of Static In Hair? What Can You Do About It?

  1. SOS tip: Spread over the streaks with a moist cosmetic cloth. This soothes hair in seconds.
  2. Or even easier: moisten hands and hold close to the hair without touching it. Magic!
  3. Arganrain herbal shampoo has an antistatic effect on the hair by binding moisture - for example, with the help Moroccan argan oil . Or pay attention to the word "anti-frizz". If you like it naturally, you can use Arganrain argan oil as an ingredient.
  4. In any case, do without regular plastic brushes! They make the problem worse. Better use natural bristles or antistatic brushes that are gold plated.
  5. If anything blow dry (extremely exhausting!), Then with an ion dryer. The emits negatively charged particles (ie ions) to the hair, pull the moisture particles from the air and into the hair.
  6. Rub Arganrain organic oil for static hair treatment in the palms of your hands and straighten the hair.

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The Arganrain herbal shampoo provides a supple hair feel. The hair is gently cleansed, easier to tame and effectively protected from the harmful effects of humidity. The Arganrain shampoo product with Moroccan argan oil provides the hair with soothing moisture. The hair fiber is strengthened and optimally cared for.

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Hair Care Tips That Every Woman Needs To Know

ARGANRain products for hair care and tretment digged into the web and found these simple rules will help to keep your hair healthy and healthy - for little money!

Hair wash break: The less you wash your hair, the better. Because by frequent washing they lose their natural protective layer. Try to wait a day longer with the next hair wash step by step and you will notice: Suddenly, they do not get fat so quickly.

Hair washing technique with Arganrain Hair Care Shampoo:Plus in the hair washing technique you can do a lot wrong: For a gentle wash, you can shampoo with Moroccan Arganrain argan oil hair treatment product only the approach and renounce strong rubbing and foaming. Thus, you can gently rid hair and scalp of sebum, dandruff and remains of styling Arganrain shampoo and Arganrain Argan oil contidioner products

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Good night hair: Who braids long hair to a braid overnight, can prevent it from being strained by the constant friction on the pillow.Also you can apply Arganrain argan oil conditoner which feeds hair follicles depply overnight to regrow hair.

Sun protection for the hair: In the summer our hair, just like our skin, needs the appropriate sunscreen. It is best to use Arganrain argan oil that are sprayed into the hair like a sun-lotion to protect it.

Arganrain Hair Care Products-Power of Nature For Your Hair

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If you are looking for the right hair care product for your hair, Arganrain shampoo is the shampoo  which is rich in vitamine E that every hair needs for ultimate hair care. Arganrain hair care shampoo will provide healthy,powerful and silky soft hair care.

After just a short period of herbal Arganrain shampoo use, the positive results will be noticeable and you will see: voluminous, shiny hair that combs great are no secret.And we completely do Arganrain shampoo without chemical additives and aggressive ingredients.

Plus, there are no toxins in Arganrain shampoo product, such as silicones, synthetic fragrances and dyes, PEG or paraffin oil. For who wants to do something like this voluntarily to her hair? Make your decision now!

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 شامبو لتقليل الشعر | شامبو لتكثير الشعر – منتوجات ARGANRAIN NEW YEAR CAMPAIGN

لقد تم إنتاج منتوجات ArganRain لايف للعناية بالشعر باستخدام مقتطفات نشطة للغاية في الصيغ الفعالة والحديثة والعلاجية. و هي حقا منتجات فاخرة تنشط الشعر والجلد و تعيدهما للوئام مرة أخرى.




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- و لما أن الزيت يؤثرعلى الدورة الدموية بطريقة إيجابية، فإن زيت ArganRain يساعد على إبقاء خلايا الجلد حية

إنه يساعد على إصلاح نهايات الشعر و منع الانقسامات الناجمة عن عدة عوامل.و لما أن زيت ArganRain n يحتوي على أوميغا 3غير المشبع والحمض الدهني أوميغا 9 ، فإنه قادر على اختراق رأس الشعر

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المميزات الرئيسية لمنتجات ArganRain للعناية المحترفة بالشعر:

- وقف فقدان الشعر-مركب صاف من مادة الكبريت والسليكون والكحول والملح والأصباغ الاصطناعية

- تركيبة خاصة من زيت ArganRain العضوي 100٪

- الوقاية من الشعر الدهني

- شعر طويل وصحي

نمو أسرع للشعر (إذا كنت تبحث عن الطريقة الأكثر اكتمالا للحصول على الشعر الأسرع نموا، فلقد وجدت ).