Hair Growth Treatment

Hair loss

Hair loss is a big concern for many people for both men and women. If you have a worrying amount of hair in the sink after shampooing, you might think you're on the way to baldness, but that's not usually the case. The 50–100 hairs that everyone loses everyday See often become tangled with the rest of the hair, but are washed out when we shampoo. We see what it looks like in the basin after shampooing, but in reality these hairs have already been spilled. Of course, bald areas are a clear sign of hair loss, but otherwise it may be difficult to understand the severity of your hair. To find out, try the tug test. Hold a small bunch of approximately 15 or 20 bristles between the thumb and index finger. Pull slowly and firmly. If there are more than six feathers, there may be a problem.

 Healthy extension of the hair

The part of the hair that we can see is called the shaft. Each hair texture protrudes from the follicle, a bag-shaped bag just below the skin's surface.The hair is attached to the base of the follicle by the hair roots, which is where the hair essentially grows and where it is nourished by tiny blood vessels.

Like the rest of the body, the hair consists of cells. When new cells are formed at the root, hair is slowly advanced forward and out of the follicle. The cells at the base of each hair are close to the blood supply and are living. When they move away from the follicle bases they can not feed and die. When they die, they turn into a hard protein called keratin. So every hair we see on skin is a dead protein. The follicle, which extends in the depths of the skin, is the essential growing part of the hair.

Each hair thickness depends on the size of the follicle it grows in. At maturity in boys, hormones increase the size of the follicles on the chin, chest and limbs so that each hair becomes more thick and flat. In the old people, the follicles shrink and the hair becomes thinner.

Hair Growth Natural Treatment

ARGANRain Shampoo products are formulated expertly using organic argan oil and plant based ingredients to make your hair grow faster, stop hair loss  and full of life. Its soothing formulation reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp, providing the perfect base for hair to grow and reach its maximum potential length. It also acts as a shield for harmful UV rays and protects the hair from environmental pollution. It is immediately absorbed by the hair and it restores the lost moisture. Vital hair and scalp complex assists to reduce hair loss! It improves follicle health and improves hair follicle binding ability. 


Pro Tips To Treatment Of Dameged Nails


We all love our nails in a beautifully groomed and polished look of excellence, but the protection of nail health is an easy goal. If it is dried up, peeling nails are your struggle, there are things you can do to make them healthy. According to our favorite beauty experts, these in-house medicines, which contain old-fashioned TLC and some nutritional settings, could be a ticket to better nails.

" Applying vegetable oil alleviates the foundation and cracking of the nude, "explains board-certified podiatrist Dr. Wenjay Sung of Los Angeles." Unlike creams, argan oil add a better job to the nail bed and will moisturize the structural toenail bed for a longer period of time than cream and jellies. "

  1. Use A Cuticle Cream

Sedative cuticle cream like Cuticle Creme cures nourish dry cuticles and brittle, damaged nails with vitamin E. Massage the cream into and around the nails every night before going to bed

  1. Eat Foods Rich In Biotin

Be sure to include rich foods such as liver, scrambled eggs, cereal, cauliflower and avocado on your diet. In addition to other health benefits, biotin can help strengthen and thicken nails. If necessary, you can also take a biotin supplement.

  1. Don't Overuse Your Nails

Your nails are not meant to be tools for opening soda canisters Instead of this, use a pen or other object rather than your fingernails to do these daily tasks.

  1. Use Gloves When Doing Chores

Wear gloves when washing dishes and cleaning the garden. Detergents and cleaners will harden your nails, cause drying, spitting and peeling. Soil and gardening can damage your nails.

  1. Soak Nails In ARGANRain 100% Pure Argan oil

For weak, thin nails, keep them in a clean, non-leaking artefact for 10-15 minutes a month and then twice a week. This cheap home beauty care will help strengthen the damaged, weak or peel nails. You can trustly use ARGANRain 100% Pure Argan oil for nail care. Because it has a high content of vitamin E, ARGANRain 100% Pure Argan oil is very effective for treatment of dameged nails.

Healthy Nails With Argan Oil

Argan Oil & Acne

Argan Oil & Acne




Argan oil is a regular component in varied skin care creams and facial cleansers.It’s rich of minerals, vitamins,and additional properties which help clear up skin conditions and make your face smooth and moisturized.

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • moisturizing
  • antiaging

Argan oil may also help you menage acne and other skin ailments like eczema,chickenpox and psoriasis.

How to use argan oil for acne:

1. As A Makeup Remover

Apply small amount of argan oil on your face, and wipe away your makeup thoroughly and gently. For better results you can leave makeup on your face,for a couple of hours or even while you sleep

2. As A Cleanser

Apply small amount of argan oil to your finger. Massage the oil into your skin in circular motions for a couple of minutes. Use a warm wash cloth to remove excess oil.

3. As A Mask

Mix same parts bentonite clay and argan oil. Once you have a fine, fluently texture, apply it to your face two to three times a week.Your skin may look red after you wash it off, so better use this mask during the night.

4. As A Moisturizer

Mix equal parts argan oil and aloe vera gel into an empty pump bottle and shake well. Pump two to three squirts in your hand and rub your hands together. Then, lightly press the mixture onto your skin and let it absorb for 15 seconds. Remove excess and reapply if needed. As a moisturizer, argan oil can last as long as 24 hours.

5.As A Shower Treatment

Apply two to three pumps of the moisturizer you made to your hand, and rub the mixture. Beside, press it upon the areas where you have acne, and then apply it to the rest of your skin. Let the fusion absorb for a while, and then swill it off in the shower. Use a towel to lightly dry off.





How To Deal With Thinning Hair



 To deal with thinning hair, you need to find the underlying cause first. This could include things like  stress,hormones or disease.Make some lifestyle changes. Reduce your stress and eat more protein and omega-3s.There is some tips you can try to prevent thinnig hair and more worse-hair falling:

Avoid brushing.Do not brush your hair especially while it's wet. The best way to avoid hair breaking is by using a wide-tooth comb.

Let it air dry.After your shower, pat it gently with a towel - don't squeeze it out or towel it coarsely.Forestall using a hair dryer,because the heat from a hair dryer can cause hair damage and break. If let your hair air dry as often as possible,that will help improve new hair growth.

Massage your scalp with a nutritional oil like Argan oil.Massaging your scalp can prevent hair thinning and energize hair growth.Start massaging your scalp while you're in the shower. Use your fingers to grate your scalp in a circular motion.

Use natural hair products. When you notice your hair is thinning, the best thing you can do is start using completly natural shampoo. Many shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and other products contain chemicals that cause hair damage,thinning and eventually hair loss.

Use shampoo that doesn't contain silicones,sulfates or any type of alcohol. These ingredients are very harmful and damaging to hair. Creating a healthy environment on the scalp is key to having thick, full hair growth.





How To Cure Hair Loss

You can cure your hairloss and increase your hair growth by maintaining healthy hair through a good diet and proper hair care.

 Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating a diet rich in protein,vitamins and minerals is an essential prescription to healthy hair growth. Looking for food that contain a large amount of vitamins A, B, C, and E,magnesium,iron and selenium. Fish,seeds,beans,walnuts,olive oil, and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are also good for cure hairloss as about 3% of a hair shaft is made up of omega-3 fatty acids.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging improve blood circulation to the scalp, which stimulate hair follicles growing. Lightly rub your fingers on your scalp in a circular motion for a couple of minutes.

Hair Oil And Hair Shampoo

The first step that you can take to cure hair loss is using of appropriate hair oil. Undoubtedly,one of the best oil for  curing hairloss is Argan oil.Argan Oil enhance the strength of your hair’s roots. It will also stimulate relaxation and reduce stress.In additon to your magic Argan oil you can use Herbal Shampoo that doesn't contain sulfat,slicon,dye,alcohol and salt.All of these chemicals can damage your hair and cause hairloss.That why we suggest you to use just natural and herbal hair care products.












Beauty Hacks For Damaged Nails





If you have dry and peeling nails, there are few things you can do to get them back into good health. These hacks could be your ticket to better nails.

1.Use a cuticle cream 

Cuticles can dry out from repetitive hand washing and manicures, so if you are not give to them extra protection with a nourishing cuticle cream, they will crack and split, increasing risk of nail infection.A soothing cuticle cream helps nourish dry cuticles and brittle, damaged nails with vitamin E. Massage the cream into and around your nails nightly before going to bed.

2.Don't overuse your nails

If you overuse your nails to do all of obligations at home the result will come quickly-damaged and peeling nails.Instead, use a pen or other object rather than your fingernails to do these everyday tasks.

3.Wear gloves 

When doing the dishes, cleaning and gardening, wear gloves. Detergents and cleansers are harsh on your fingernails, causing drying, spitting and peeling. Soil and gardening can also cause damage to your nails

4.Eat biotin-rich foods

Make sure your diet features foods rich in biotin, such as liver, cooked eggs, whole grains, cauliflower and avocado, among others. In addition to other health benefits, biotin can help strengthen and thicken nails. You can also take a biotin supplement, if necessary.

  5.Use a Argan Oil like it's your religion

One of the most proven products in this industry is  ARGANRain 100% Pure Certified Argan Oil-tottaly natural and dermatologically tested.For weak, thin nails, soak them in Pure Argan Oil 10-15 minutes a day for a month, then twice a week thereafter. This inexpensive home beauty treatment will help fortify damaged, weak or peeling nails and your nails will be grateful to you.



Argan Oil Benefits For Skin

Natural Moisturizing

One of the most common uses of argan oil is as a moisturizing lotion. Being a natural oil, moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin.If you worried about your skin feel oily, try it - you'll be amazed. It absorbs quickly and is light enough to be used even if the daytime face cream, moisturizing so that it can be used as an overnight treatment too.This is a quality product so a little goes a long way. After cleansing your skin, warm a single drop of oil in the palm of your hands.

Good for all skin types
No matter what is your skin type, argan oil can help you.This oil can benefit dry skin with fantastic moisturizing effects.Also can reduce oil production levels of oil skin.

Treat Acne

As we mentioned earlier, argan oil is ideal for people with oily skin and it helps to regulate the natural production of oil from the skin.Furthermore,argan oil can reduce sebum levels in individuals with high levels of linoleic fatty skin.Argan oil can also help to reduce the inflammation associated with acne while healing damaged skin.

Skin Problems
Argan oil is perfect for the treatment of a variety of other skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea.It can also be effective in curing small scars of acne (as well as other natural remedies for acne scars) are.

Improve elasticity and prevent premature aging
With regular use you can get rid of wrinkles, restores elasticity,increase the regenerative speed of healthy skin cells.

 Eliminate the need for multiple products

You don't need a hundred of products for your skin treatment.Already you can get all-in-one product.Everything which your skin is needed is just a bottle of Pure ArganRain Argan Oil.



Benefits Of Argan Oil And How to Use It





The appearance of our hair, skin and nails is a reflection of our health and beauty. Poor nutrition, smoking, stress, sun and other environmental factors cause adverse effects to these tissues that can become visible in the mid 20s our years.
Forget buying expensive products full of harsh chemicals - the answer to all your beauty woes can be found in a bottle of argan oil.
These were the three most common ways of argan oil using:

Argan oil for hair:
The oil may be applied to wet hair before drying such as serum, reduces the drying time and helps to prevent the hair damage .. The oil may replace your conditioner, hair crystals, gel, etc.

Argan oil for skin:
The oil can be administered topically to the skin to reduce inflammation and calm dry skin. It has been shown that the use of oil helps for skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, eczema and helps to treatment. The active ingredients of this oil make it a powerful anti-age product.

Argan oil for nails:
The oil will help to recover the protein of the nail, which will prevent their breakage. Strengthens dry skin, halt the loss of water and moisturize hands. At the same time provide a gentle protective film that protects the skin from the harmful influence of external factors.

Forget buying expensive products full of harsh chemicals - the answer for your beauty can be found in a bottle of argan oil.











5 Most Common Hair Problems In Winter And The Solution





If your hair become weaker when  temperatures drop,do not worry. This season affects your entire body. Here are 5 they most common hair problems in winter:

1. Dehydrated hair. Do not even think to wash with cold water because that can dehydrate the hair and can cause hair loss. In winter drop our sense of thirst, so we  drink less water. Drink 1.5 or 2 liters of water and limit the time that you stand in the water.

2. Many fat. Because of the cold we think that we are not sweating and our hair is clean. But you know how your hair reacts to changes in the environment may appear large amount of fat in the scalp. Avoid washing your hair with very hot hair.

3. Tear hair. The chemical procedure can dry cuticles and make them more rigid. Low temperatures also help the latter: make the surface more rigid, so short easier. The solution? Take special attention to nourishing the hair during these months and never go out with wet hair.

4. Without shine. This problem is also related with dehydration. If you leave the mask for five minutes during a bath,you are doing nothing beneficial for your hair. Hair is composed of different layers of the cuticle, which are opening at high temperatures and this can cause lack of hydration. 

5. Don't overdone with the hairdryer.Here are a few tips how to use it safely, do not use high temperatures, do not  close too much to the hair.



Miracle Of Argan Oil

Argan oil can be obtained from the kernel of the argan tree fruit which is grows in the southwest of the Moroccan only.
Argan tree is a unique and rare plant. Due to the lack of the Argan tree, Argan oil production can be made only with small amounts. Therefore this region of Argan trees has been protected by UNESCO..

Argan oil, also called as Morocco’s liquid gold, which is obtained in natural ways is sent to a large number of different industries. Therewith the production process is long and laborious. Argan oil for use in the field of pharmacology, personal care and cosmetics is produced by cold press method. So the fruit within the kernel is excluded without heating process.

It is made by using various press machines with stones to break the kernel and obtain the oil by manufacturer and the companies. Until this phase the argan tree kernels do not have any chemical or biological process. Then extracted fruit is grinded with its own water by hand.

Argan Rain Hair And Skin Care Products

Therefore the grinding process is done manually, it takes a long time. Then the Argan oil on the surface of the water is taken and bottled. In total, argan oil production process takes 2 days and the obtained oil is about 1 liter.
Nowadays, mixed oils or mixtures of other oils and Argan oil is also sold under the name Argan oil.

One of the ways of having original Argan Oil is to you pay attention to the price of the oil. The process says that producing Argan Oil is not easy and cheap. Therefore you can know the real organic argan oil with its price.

ArganRain Argan Oil